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We pride ourselves in producing high quality, well-made products that do justice to our photography and passion for weather and sky. We spared no expense in the quality of materials and color reproduction.

To order, please contact us with your request. We will then confirm shipping charges and payment method. All prices are in US dollars. Reseller discounts available. Prices subject to change without notice.

  • Under The Whirlwind tornado book
    • Under the Whirlwind book US$30
    • by Jerrine Verkaik and Arjen Verkaik (autographed copies on request)
      ISBN 0-9681537-4-7   224 pages, full-color, 6.5"x9.5" softcover 2001
    • The best popular book ever written on tornadoes and storms, blending science and human experience with hundreds of photographs.

      This full color book is a lush exploration of the ins and outs of tornadoes. Illustrated with 262 color photos and dozens of cartoons, diagrams, charts and drawings, it tells you everything you need to know before, during and after a tornado strikes.

      An interesting, diverse, thorough guide for families to kids – on spotting to safety to the aftermath. It includes a carefully-woven "total tornado experience" story and a large illustrated tornado chapter, etc. After 17,000 copies sold, it is now in its revised 2nd edition.

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      Read a more detailed description, the Table of Contents, or the book’s Introduction.

      “Under the Whirlwind is unlike any other book I have read on tornadoes. I have never seen the variety of detail that can be found within its pages and I certainly recommend it.” - The Science Teacher
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  • Severe storms poster-wall chart
    poster has a light mocha background color not shown here
    • Severe storms poster-wall chart   US$20
    • 37”w x 24”h full color
      @“Watching the stormy sky” is a gorgeous poster/chart which provides a quick reference on how to read the stormy sky.

      Twenty-two large photos, accompanied by helpful and easy-to-understand captions, walk you through storm structure and development, identifying important features to watch out for. Along its edge is a border of 84 small photos sampling the endless variety and beauty seen around storms.

      Poster is also available in quantity for educational or promotional purposes, and can be overprinted with sponsor or corporate name.

  • Wind, Weather & Waves book
    • Wind Weather & Waves book   Out of print
    • written and designed by Arjen and Jerrine Verkaik
      ISBN 0-660-17436-7 146 pages, 7”x10”, spiralbound 1999
    • The complete guide to weather in the Great Lakes region– 146 page, full-color spiralbound book with over 100 photos and dozens of diagrams explain weather, wind, and wave conditions for anyone out on the water.

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  • Severe Weather Watcher Handbook
    • Severe Weather Watcher Handbook   Out of print
    • written and designed by Arjen and Jerrine Verkaik
    • For storm spotters and enthusiasts– a compact 48-pg color guide with over 100 captioned photos and diagrams explains storms and severe weather phenomena in detail. This is the official spotter’s guide for Environment Canada and is relevant for all parts of North America.

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  • Spacious Skies book
    • Spacious Skies book   US$75
    • co-authored by Arjen Verkaik and Richard Scorer
      ISBN 0 7153 9139 9 192pgs, hardcover, jacketed, with 163 color photos and 150 b&w photos (all captioned) 1989
      NOTE: This is a rare, out-of-print book. We have a small number of copies left and will only sell them to really keen people who convince us they "deserve" it!
    • This enthusiastic exploration of the visual and scientific feast that awaits the keen observer of clouds is infused with the authors' shared passion for the subject. Spacious Skies is an authoritative work that is certain to set a new standard for meteorologists and weather enthusiasts alike. In it, art and science join hands to take us on a fascinating walk through the atmosphere. This book is both informative and beautiful and would make an unusual gift to anyone who has gazed at the sky and pondered its mysteries!

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  • Sky Cards
    • All-occasion sky greeting cards   US$15
    • set of 8 cards with envelopes, color, coated, 6.5“w x 5“h
    • Each set contains eight different all-occasion sky greeting cards and is available with verses or as blank inside. The verses are selected literary quotes that complement the sky images to focus attention on man's interconnectedness with the natural environment. Although the versed sets are suitable for any occasion, blank sets are also available for longer notes or personalized greetings.

  • Mr. Twister t-shirt
    • Mr. Twister t-shirt XL size   US$15
    • Colors available: black on white/yellow/denim blue, white on navy blue
    • Quality cotton t-shirt overprinted on front with large “Mr. Twister” cartoon illustration taken from our Under the Whirlwind book.