Skyart Inc.

Home of the Skyart Collection and the work of Arjen and Jerrine Verkaik

We chase the sky to study and photograph its beauty and mystery and, in doing so, we have developed an international reputation as top sky photographers and experts in observational meteorology.

What started as a passion for sky has grown into a life and a livelihood for us. In 1979 Skyart was created to encompass all aspects of our work – weather photography (stock weather images and fine art prints), products and books (the publishing being done under Whirlwind Books), and consulting (editorial and meteorological).

We now have more than 100,000 weather images in our Skyart Collection and want to let more of the world explore our treasure trove of skies. To that end we have created a number of websites, designed to appeal to the wide range of people who have expressed interest in our work.

For background on us, please visit the Arjen and Jerrine Verkaik personal website.

For the world’s best source of stock weather photos, please go to our stock images of weather and clouds website.

For fine art photographic prints from the Skyart Collection, visit our Skyart fine art prints website.

For more information about our publishing ventures and the very successful book Under the Whirlwind, see our Whirlwind Books publisher website.

We are working on several other sites, including a website dedicated to understanding clouds and cloud types where we will explore clouds, their causes and meaning, and challenge the limitations of the WMO cloud classification system. The Cloudwise site will explore the science and mystery of clouds and the sky through photos and discussion. We will also be launching skychaser, a general interest, educational site about our sky and storm chasing adventures. It chronicles our engagement with sky through stories, weather curiosities and the fun of being a weather nut.

So keep checking in on us, and explore what we have to offer. And keep your eye on the sky!